What is LumiNova® ?

Relume LumiNova®, also referred to as “lume”, is a photo-luminescent substance. When applied on watch dials and hands, it allows to tell time in the dark.

Working as a kind of “light battery”, LumiNova® stores light, so it can then glows under weak luminosity conditions.

Unlike the popular belief may lead to believe, LumiNova® is non-radioactive and non-toxic. It doesn’t contain any radium, tritium, or any other radioactive element.

applications-lumeLumiNova® is mostly used in the watch industry, but can also be found in other sectors, such as security markings or aviation.

It was invented and developed by the Japanese company NEMOTO & CO. LTD, world leader in photo-luminescent pigments.

The Swiss company RC Tritec AG uses this technology to produce Super-Luminova®. This product remains unrivaled to this day, and is used by all the biggest and most prestigious watch brands in the world.

aluminate-strontiumBased on Strontium Aluminate, LumiNova® is an inert product, that doesn’t present any danger.

It is of much better quality than products based on Zinc sulfide, and infinitely safer than former radioactive elements like radium or tritium.