What is a Relume ?

relume-relume“Relume” means replacing the glowing substance on the dial or hands of a watch.

A great fastidiousness being necessary, the applying of lume is done under binocular loupe with high magnification.

This work requiers high technical skills and countless hours of traning before it can be perfectly mastered.

relume-styloApplying is done using special tooling, developed and made in Switzerland especially for this use.

It’s connected to an automatic vacuum dosing unit, allowing a precise dosing of the luming substance using a foor controller.

Examples of relume before/after

The old tritium used on this watch was dangerous, and lost all its glowing properties. France Relume removed the old tritium and replaced it with blue Super-LumiNova®, as part of a modern-styled restoration.

Comparison between several glowing products

Fossil Ceramic watch from 2011, with entry-level glowing product.

Low brightness and short glowing time, because of the poor quality of the product.

Rolex Oyster Precision from 1980, with old-type LumiNova®.

Average brightness and very short glowing time, caused by the ageing of the LumiNova®.

Breitling Chronomat Evolution from 2006, restored by France Relume with Super-LumiNova®.

Excellent brightness and very long glowing time.

Be sure to have your relume done by a qualified profesionnal. A poorly done relume can ruin the dial of your watch.

Here, a dial relumed by France Relume. Outlines are clean, surface is smooth, for a final result just like the original.

Here, a photo found on the internet of a poorly done relume. Surface is uneven, outlines are misshaped, and too much lume has been applied. It will be difficult to save this dial.