Swiss Super-Luminova®

luminova-blue Super-LumiNova® simply is the best photo-luminescent product on the planet.

It glows brigther and last longer than any other product, from any competitor. It also don’t suffer from ageing as much as other products.

There are numerous products on the market available for the watch industry, but none of these is even close to matching the quality of Super-LumiNova®.

In order to provide the highest level of service, France Relume uses exclusively Super-LumiNova® pigments.

marquesSuper-Luminova® is used by almost all of the high-end and luxury brands.

Here you can see some of the brands using Super-Luminova® as a photo-luminescent substance on their watches.

superluminova-tableau1Various color combinations are available.

The most common “daylight” color is white. Super-Luminova® is, for that matter, the only product coming in a true bright white, where products from competitors are closer to off-white, or even yellowish.

Many other “daylight” colors are also available, from red to blue, including green, or even black.

Here you can see a few examples in the color chart, but many others are also available.




The most common “glowing” colors are green and blue.

Green has been the only color used on watches for decades, but recent wills of innovation in the watch industry lead designers in using more original colors. That’s why in addition to the traditional greens and blues, Super-Luminova® can now be now found in many glowing colors, such as orange, yellow, aqua, or even red.

On dive watches, blue is slowly replacing green, as studies showed it allows better time telling under water.

Example of black Super-Luminova®.

brillance-gradeaIn order to push back the limits of glowing, Super-Luminova® Grade-A has been introduced in the years 2000.

Available only on a limited range of colors, this new product allows to reach a brightness never seen before.

France Relume always uses Super-Luminova® Grade-A when technical constraints allow it.