Anti-Reflective Coating

anti-reflets Anti-reflective coating (also refered to as “AR coating”) is a thin film applied onto the surface of a watch crystal. By reducing reflection, it allows better visibility of the dial and hands.

It also improves the contrat and remove the “veil” effect that is often caused by watch crystals.

Under certain angles, the crystal becomes invisible, and gives the feeling of “diving” into the dial. Dark colors look deeper, and colors are stronger.

Applying of a high quality coating, like the Premium Anti-Reflective Coating from France Relume, allows to enhance the entire watch at a reasonnable cost.

antireflet-machineApplying of the coating is done in a white room, by a specialized laboratory.

The necessary equipment is both large and very expensive (minimum 500 000 euros).

Along with the technical nature of the operation, these are the reasons why this work is never done in-house by watchmakers.

divers-verresNot all crystals come with an anti-reflective coating. It’s usually only used on the most high-end watches.

However, it should be noted that an anti-reflective coating can be applied on all watch crystals, no matter their shape or thickness.

Specialized laboratory usually only accept working on lots of identical watch crystals, but France Relume managed to negociate the acceptance of single crystals with a few service providers, so you can now enjoy the best coatings on the market.

A new coating can be applied on a crystal:

- That doesn’t have any coating;
- That has a low quality coating already applied;
- That has a damaged AR coating.

If your watch already benefits from a quality anti-reflective coating in good condition, it’s of course not nécessary to apply a new one.

If your crystal is scratched, it can first be resurfaced, in order to remove the scratches, before applying a brand new AR coating.

2 watches with France Relume’s Premium AR Coating

Comparing 2 AR Coatings


On the left, France Relume’s Premium AR coating.

On the right, the factory AR coating from this well known brand.

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